Intrapreneurship Conference 2012 – Paris, December 13th

On December 13th, some of the most experienced and insightful experts in intrapreneurship will gather in Paris to take part in the Intrapreneurship Conference 2012, organized by Global Enterprise

Intrapreneurship – encouraging employees to embrace entrepreneurial behaviors while working for an employer – is gaining ground among companies around the world.

At a time where companies face major challenges to increase their innovation outputs, intrapreneurship is an efficient approach to unleash the creative potential of organisations.

Intrapreneurship can fuel the revenue diversification of modern companies. The “Post-it”, manufactured by the American group 3M, or the Sony Playstation, count among the most inspiring intrapreneurial stories in corporate history. Not to mention some of Google’s most famous products, such as Google Maps or Google News.

Intrapreneurship provides companies with an interesting tool to boost employees engagement. Moreover, Intrapreneurip schemes can improve the reputation of an organisation and its recruiting attractiveness, especially in the younger generation of achievement seekers.

The Intrapreneurship Conference 2012 is expected to host 150 attendees at the Novancia Business School Paris, at the Novancia Business School Auditorium.

Representatives from Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent, Mondragon will share their experiences and key findings from the intrapreneurial schemes they have put in place. A former employee from 3M will provide the audience with his vision as an intrapreneur. Top experts in Intrapreneurship, consultants and researchers, will bring a more transversal and theoretical background in order to assess the efficiency of the different approaches as well as the best way to implement them.

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Intrapreneurship Conference 2012 – December 13th 2012, Novancia Business School Paris (Porte de Champerret)