What to expect from the Intrapreneurship 2012 conference (Paris, Dec 13th)

The Intrapreneurship 2012 Conference will be held on December 13th in Paris. The event is jointly organized by Global Enterprise and Novancia Business School.

What’s in it for you ?

With the support of world-class speakers, the Intrapreneurship 2012 Conference aims to provide the audience with the various dimensions embodied in the Intrapreneurship concept, here are some of them:

The vision of an intrapreneur (3M Group)

First of all : How does an intrapreneur think ?

Ketan Makwana, a British entrepreneur, has been a 3M employee for a few years. Famous, among other things, for the invention of the Post-It, the US group has built a strong reputation of being an “intrapreneur friendly” company.

3M has implemented the “20% work time“ an employee can devote to an innovative project or experimentation of his/her own, as far as it’s related with the company’s business and concerns.

The “20% worktime principle” has inspired Google, among other organizations.

A startup accelerator in the media industry

Joris Van Heukelom works in the media industry, in the Netherlands. Joris used to work for Viacom, before joining the Finnish publishing company  Sanoma. Within the group, he has put in place a scheme supporting intrapreneurial initiatives.

The chosen process works like an inner startup accelerator program. 

Joris Van Heukelom will talk about it in Paris, at the Intrapreneurship conference, on December 13th.

The Garage initiative at Microsoft

Dirk Junghanns is a former Google employee now working for Microsoft.

The US software editor has set up a specific support framework, named The Garage, for employees aiming to develop and test their own products or service ideas.

Intrapreneur-employees keep their autonomy. They get a support, on a human and logisitcal level, from Microsoft. Their intrapreneurial activities, however, have to be operated during their off time.  Microsoft wants its employees to remain focused on their daily operational tasks.

Open Innovation needs intrapreneurs

Stefan Lindegaard is one of the best known experts in the field of Open Innovation.

Per se, open innovation implies some entry and exit points on the edge of the organisation. Therefore, individuals need a certain level of autonomy to interact with peers in the outside.

Ideally, these people will cultivate an intrapreneurial culture. Intrapreneurship and open innovation are thus narrowly binded.

Stefan Lindegaard will give an overview of the close inter-relationship between the two approaches in his talk.

Social Intrapreneurship

Social intrapreneurship  is also a rising practice among corporations.

At a time of quests for meaningful business activities, when CSR policies (corporate social responsability) are sometimes limited to PR actions, social intrapreneurship helps to tap into the sleeping energy that can be found in some employees who wish to have a positive impact on the community.

Thanks to a stronger level of personal commitment, the chances to achieve CSR and social impact goals are much higher.

Heather Dietz, London based consultant, and Amandine Barthélémy, who is based in Paris, will share their insights and thoughts in the field of social intrapreneurship.

Many other theoretical and practical learnings

Intrapreneurship is also poping on the radar screen of HR managers and is calling the attention of other stakeholders, such as venture capital firms.

We need to keep in mind however, that intrapreneurship is not a magic trick that can easily solve the issues of the 21st century company which is struggling to improve the efficiency of innovation processes and to better engage employees.

Moreover, the staff buy-in process may sound like a very long journey, as intrapreneurship outputs are often more indirect than direct. 

Having said that, what we can claim at this point, is that intrapreneurship should nowadays stand high in the management toolbox of modern CEO, HR or innovation managers.

We look forward to see you in Paris on December 13th for the Intrapreneurship 2012 conference.

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