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European Coworking conferences 2010 (Brussels), 2011 (Berlin), 2012 (Paris)

In 2010, Global Enterprise organised Coworking Europe 2010, the first European conference on Coworking. 150 attendants, from 22 different countries, took part in this first event, which set up the building up of a true community of coworking spaces in Europe.

In 2011, the second Coworking Europe conference gathered during three days more than 220 people from the five continents. 


Global Enterprise is taking an active role in the development of the Coworking industry in Europe, via content production, community facilitation and evangelization. Global Enterprise regularly advises private and public operators looking at coworking as a source of inspiration to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of their mission.


Intrapreneurship Conference

Global Enterprise is the organiser of the first international conference on the topic of Intrapreneurship.

Representatives from Google, Alcatel-Lucent, Exki or Rabobank, plus the best expert in Europe, came to Brussels to share best practices and provide and audience of top executives with their respective experience.

Intrapreneurship will be in the management toolbox of any modern company.

The concept gives an answer for the innovation/creativity challenges that any organisation is today facing. Moreover, Intrapreneurship offers a solution to overcome the talent management and retention issues of the 21st century.

The next Intrapreneurship Conference will be held in Paris on December 13th 2012 (visit the website of the conference)

Impact of new innovation models on a regional economy

This prospective study took the form of a book entitled  ”Wallonie 2.0″, which came out in 2009 and was commissioned by the authorities of Wallonia. It has been led with the trade federation of the Walloon Region (Union wallonne des entreprises).

The minister-president of the regional Walloon governement closely followed the works and took an active role in book promotion.

Some of the in the book developped ideas have inspired a number of major regional players.

Among these ideas, some of them (such as coworking) have been explicitly integrated in the Creative Wallonia regional scheme, a + 100 millions EUR economical plan set up and supported by the Wallonia minister of Economy. x

Update of the public financial scheme to support web-marketing (with Awex)

During 2010, Global Enterprise worked with the Walloon Agency for Export (Awex) on the update of the incentives scheme to support the adoption of international web marketing strategies by SME’s.

The new program has been complemented by three major conferences on international web marketing in which more than 220 PME’s took part.

Global Enterprise published a book entitled “Using internet to sell abroad“, which was a critical instrument witihin the whole Awex partnership.

The book covers content strategies, the usage of social network for prospecting internationally, content indexation, B2B online relationship and reputation building, a.o.

Report – The New borders of Open Innovation

Global Entreprise has published in 2012 a report entitled “The new borders of open innovation” (Fr)

Open innovation is not something. However, the scale of openness one company can bring in its innovation process has dramatically increased.

The report explains the different levels and models any company can implement in its daily process, in order to fasten and improve its innovation outputs.


They trusted us as well :


Pôle Mecatech



EBN (European Network of Innovation and Business Incubators)



Microsoft Innovation Center


Institut Henri Tudor (Luxembourg)

Infopole Cluster TIC

Cluster Twist



Axe 4-25




Kwintet – Cotton Group

Gate Garching

and more…

Strategic intelligence for SME’s (with AS-E)

Global Enterprise and  the Wallon Economic Development Agency are working together on the strategic intelligence program dedicated for SME’s. The goal is to provide small and medium business with the tools, insight and mindset in order to cope efficiently with the rising competitive international environment.

ADN IT in collaboration with AWT (and Le Soir)

IP Trade. une PME liégeoise fournit les téléphones IP aux salles de marché
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