B2B Content Marketing

Monitoring, online reputation, qualified lead generation

Thanks to the new web approach and social media strategies, B2B companies can leverage the internet in order to :

  • Get the innovation state of the art of the industry
  • Quicly react to minor and major changes
  • Increase sales

Global Enterprise capitalizes on a five years experience in online content production, blogging and social media dévelopment.

We provide you with a time to market approach covering implementation of online monitoring tools, trainings, spotting discussion topics and questions rising in your industry and lean content production designed in accordance with the pre-identified concerns and requirements of the targeted communities (customers, stakeholders, others…) with the goal of addressing it as quick as possible.

Strategic Intelligence

We support your organisation with the integration of information digging best practices, in compliance with the spirit of strategic intelligence techniques.

  • We train you to use the main online information collection tools.
  • We assist you with the first online investigation and analysis
  • We teach your organisation the best ways to share and distribute the information proceeds within the organisation, plus the community management that will trigger the conversation dynamic
  • We show you how to spot the rising topics in the conversation platforms, how to curate and use it to craft an efficient and innovative online communication

Production and online distribution of high value content

We supervise and operate the content production part. We select the relevant topics with you, in accordance with the outcomes of the monitoring and analysis process.

We focus on two formats :

  • White papers
  • Slideshows

We take care of the layout and the online posting (website, social networks). We spot the relevant communities and make sure the content will be visible in those.

Besides, the produced contents will be available offline, in the context of conventions, workshops or customer visits.

E-reputation, indexation, lead generation

Targeted online content help you to :

  • improve your company’s reputation
  • build your innovative image
  • get a better indexation and increase your chances to be found on the internet
  • position efficiently your company on social networks and raise your visibility within the relevant online B2B community
  • generate new leads

White Papers downloads allow your company to build a new prospect database.

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