What to expect from the Intrapreneurship 2012 conference (Paris, Dec 13th)

The Intrapreneurship 2012 Conference will be held on December 13th in Paris. The conference is jointly organized by Global Enterprise and Novancia Business School. Thanks to world-class speakers, the Intrapreneurship 2012 Conference aims to provide the audience with various dimensions involved by the Intrapreneurship concept.

Storytelling is key for successful intrapreneurs

As an intrapreneur, you are tirelessly trying to build momentum for your projects – within challenging parameters. Each stakeholder conversation is an opportunity to enlist another champion, another office maverick. Because you are asking people to invest time and energy in a project outside of their day job, it is vital that you find ways to emotionally connect them .

Intrapreneurship Conference 2012 – Paris, December 13th

On December 13th, some of the most experienced and insightful experts in intrapreneurship will gather in Paris to take part in the Intrapreneurship Conference 2012. Intrapreneurship – encouraging employees to embrace entrepreneurial behaviors while working for an employer – is gaining ground among companies around the world.

Great program set up for Coworking Europe 2012 (Paris, Nov 8-9-10) : discount on registration only until Sep 25th

We expect the Coworking Europe 2012 conference, organized by Global Enterprise, to be a huge success. Almost 200 people already registered to attend the event in Paris, next fall (November 8-9-10th)

Why Open innovation offers opportunities for startups

Big corporations have no choices : they must open up their innovation process to startups. Startups can count on new opportunities. If a risk exists to be stolen one’s ideas, some careful practices help to reduce it as much as possible.

Some thoughts back from the Austin Coworking Conference Unconference (GCUC)

Just as with the Coworking Europe conference last year in Berlin (organised by Global Enterprise), this year’s US conference, wonderfully organised by Liz Elam (Link Coworking), more than doubled in size. This is one clue, among others, of the strong rise of the coworking tide on both sides of the Atlantic. Here are some noticeable facts from the conference and my trip to the US, I come back with.

How we evolve to a more collaborative way to teach

Nowadays, we teach people the same way than 1.000 years ago. We have to move from a teacher centric way of teaching to a student centric approach. And mentoring and experimentation will become key to efficient knowledge transfer, says this presentation by Alvaro Gonzalez-Alorda.

Open innovation at the age of Enterprise 2.0

Here is the presentation given by Global Enterprise entitled “Open innovation at the enterprise 2.0 era” during the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris, on February 8th 2012. How digital platforms and socializing online tools dramatically broaden open innovation possibilities and opportunities. Besides, the Fiat Mio example, developed in Brasil under Creative Commons license, thanks to the voluntary contribution of designers and other outside interested people, not on the automotive manufacturer’s payroll.

Why Talents leave their Companies (survey)

Why do talents leave their companies ? Because they can’t cope with their boss. Because they feel unempowered. Because they can’t bear the corporate politics and cynism within the organisation. And others reasons mention in this visual data presentation.

Sum up of the Intrapreneurship Conference 2011 (Brussels 2nd)

On December 2nd, Global Enterprise organised the first international conference devoted to Intrapreneurship. Representatives from Google, AlcatelLucent, Rabobank, Exki and some of the best experts gathered in Brussels to share their experience and best practices on the topic. Here is a sum up.