For the last six years, Global Enterprise has been at the forefront to build up connections between the hundreds of coworking spaces which are popping up everywhere in the world.

Global Enterprise is the initiator of the Coworking Europe Conferences, so far the biggest gathering of Coworking spaces owners, managers, as well as the creator of the first Coworking Africa conference, catalysts and experts in the world (visit and ).

Feasability studies, coaching, integration strategy

Global Enterprise advises public and private operators in their evaluation of the opportunity to integrate the coworking approach and experience in their strategy. 

Global Enterprise produces feasability studies and contextual analysis. We build up business plans, positioning, communication and marketing strategies. Global Enterprise also provides employees and managers with trainings and coaching.

Global Enterprise already advised cities, not for profit associations, economical development agencies, business incubators and property owners in Belgium, France and Germany.

Global Enterprise also supports industry clusters and private companies in their investigation on how and why they could integrate the Coworking model and values in their operations, for social, collaboration, HR or innovation purposes.

Keynote speeches and surveys

Global Enterprise is often invited to speak about Coworking and the new working models for innovative organisations in conferences, seminars and conventions all around Europe.

Here is a sample of our interventions in 2012 :

  • Pecha Kucha Aachen (Germany)
  • Enterprise 2.0 Summit (Paris)
  • Global Coworking Conference Unconference (Austin, US)
  • MET Technology Transfer (Marseille)
  • Coworking Spain (Madrid)
  • Jade Intrapreneurship Summit (Constanza, Romania)
  • Meeting with Moscow Startin (Moscow, Russia)…
Besides, Global Enterprise has taken part in and produced a number of surveys and paper around Coworking.

Coworking Europe Conferences

In 2010, Global Enterprise has set up the first European conference on Coworking. Close to 150 attendees, from more than 20 different countries, travelled to Brussels to take part in the event. 

Today, more than 350 delegates take part every year in the Coworking Europe Conference, originating from more than 40 countries.

  • Coworking Europe 2010 -BRUSSELS (November 19-20th)
  • Coworking Europe 2011 - BERLIN (November 2-4-5 th)
  • Coworking Europe 2012 – PARIS (November 8-9-10th)
  • Coworking Europe 2013 – BARCELONA (November 11-12-13)
  • Coworking Europe 2014 – LISBON (November 24-25-26)
  • Coworking Europe 2015 – MILAN (November 11-12-13)

Coworking Africa conference


Coworking spaces are like micro-Silicon Valleys

Coworking spaces create ecosystems, which are like micro-Silicon Valleys, where entrepreneurial and creative individuals can meet, share, collaborate an co-create new projects and businesses. Values such as innovation, openness sustainability, are dominant.

Coworking generate a new working attitude. It promote a positive mindset, where possibilities are highlighted. Initiatives are cherished. It stimulates entrepreneurship and networking with the community as well as with the rest of the world.

The coworking approach can be an engine of growth for modern economies.

Interactions between coworking communities provide a new fluidity in the trade relationships. It increases tremendously the number of new business opportunities for starting up projects.

The right physical platform for an open and innovative attitude

We think coworking will inspire the future ways of working in a major portion of the human organisations in the 21st century.

Coworking spaces create a different kind of working context, where human contacts, openness, access, readiness to share and collaborate with peers are core. Values focus on creativity and execution, rather than on the routine tasks.

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