December 2nd 2011 : Intrapreneurship Conference 2011

Global Enterprise organises on december 2nd 2011 the first European conference on the topic of Intrapreneurship (Intrapreneurship Conference 2011). Intrapreneurship will be one of the most important HR and management tool available for companies to stimulate innovation and motivate talented people.

3-4-5 Novembre 2011 : “Coworking Europe 2011 – Taking Coworking to the next level”

For the second time, Global Enterprise co-organised the second European conference on Coworking (Coworking europe 2011). More than 220 participants attended the conference, in Berlin, originating from the five continents (with representatives from Shanghai, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Cairo or Athens).

23 march 2011 : “E-Estonia, a digital public service

Organisation: Videographie

Global Enterprise : program set up, preparation, facilitation

17 march 2011 : “The role of partners in an open source system”

Organisation: Infopole Cluster TIC

Global Enterprise : programme set up, facilitation

10 march 2011 : Coworking Unconference, Austin (Texas)

Organisation: LooseCube

Global Enterprise : participation in workshops and discussions

8 february 2011 :  “The future of digital publishing : strategy and players ?”

Organisation: Cluster Twist

Global Enterprise : content advising, facilitation

18 january 2011 : Coworking-Jelly  Namur

Organisation: Globale enterprise – AWT

7-8-9 december 2010 : Workshops web-marketing Awex

Organisation: Awex

Globale Enterprise : new web export strategies

4 december 2010 : Press conference release book “Using internet to sell abroad”

Organisation: Awex – Globale Enterprise

19-20 november 2010 : Coworking Europe 2010

Organisation: Globale Enterprise

14 october 2010 : AForum Strategic Intelligence

Organisation: AS-E

Global Enterprise : speaker